Sullen Hope

He fights his way through the rubble

Fights his through the wood

Clouds of ash above

Are starting to fall loose

It’s mocking me as it lands on his shoulder

This is not the end because this is not over


Search for all the things

Provides him with warmth

Lest nothing but a shelter

In shopkeeper’s doors

It’s this soiled square where he will rest his head

A blanket of trinkets serves his bed


Sullen Hope

Sullen Hope


Snow falls down in England

It’s landing at his feet

He cannot feel their fingers

Nor at least at the tips

It’s times like these where my old log fire would be used to comfort me

The mixture of snow and ash finds into his hair

Sullen Hope

Sullen Hope


His shoes are torn at the toes

The wind builds it force while he hugs rugged clothes

We sympathise his pain

Place coins in his lap while he sits asking for change


1,2,3 it’s only sullen hope for now

Sullen Hope

Beats his heart