Debut album

Released 09 September 2016.

Genre: Jazzy Folk & Blues.

Written, arranged, and produced by Thomas Ashby. 

Recorded at Arco Barco Studios in Ramsgate.

Thomas Ashby - Vocals, Nylon Guitar, Electric Guitar, Piano.
Andre Dack - Drums.
Nicholas Thurston - Double Bass.
Aime Moody - Trumpet.
Florainne Hu - Backing Vocals


Premiered live in full at Ramsgate Music Hall on 02/07/16
The single "Torn" was premiered on Dermot O'Leary's BBC Radio 2 Drive-time Show


Alternative artwork concepts


Ramsgate Music Hall 02.07.16


Full album performed with Andre Dack (drums), Nicholas Thurston (double bass) and Aimee Moody (trumpet).


Gig support acts:

Aimee Moody, James Dean and Richard Navarro


Pictures of performances from around the release of CACHE.